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Ensure you’re complying with modern transport legislation

The safe loading of vans and light goods vehicles is fundamental in ensuring compliance with operator licensing undertakings, transport legislation and importantly the safety of your drivers and other road users.

Approximately 4 out of 5 light goods vehicles, up to 3.5t maximum gross vehicle weight (MGVW) that have their weight checked at a weighbridge are found to be non-compliant, not necessarily exceeding the gross vehicle weight but could be overloaded on axles or the vehicle may just be in a dangerously loaded condition. In any case the vehicle will not be released until the loading issues have been met.

Penalties include £5,000 fines, per offence, licence endorsement and custodial sentences.

Keep your drivers and other road users safe

People who drive these vehicles are only, more often than not, in possession of basic driving licence which allows them to drive a vehicle on the public highway that has a MGVW of 3.5t, and in many cases ignorant of Road Traffic Law pertaining to the type of vehicle they are driving. A vehicle involved in a collision could be subject to scrutiny even if the driver of the vehicle was not at fault for the accident.

We offer a course lasting no more than 4 hours that includes:

  • Current legislation
  • Penalties
  • Curb weight and payloads
  • Vehicle and Axle loadings
  • VIN plates
  • How loads can move in transit

What other information is there that relates to your services?

Whilst ignorance of the law is no defence, an understanding of load capacity and weights, load distribution and security will go some way to educating the company and its drivers of the regulations that currently exist, thereby offering protection from the consequences of accidents, fines, endorsements and other occurrences that emanate from the enforcing authorities.

To discuss the learning needs of your drivers, or to make a booking, please contact our team in Marlow, Buckinghamshire today.

Ensure your employees are operating safely within the law, by booking a safe vehicle loading course with Priority Training Services in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

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