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Work conscientiously with abrasive wheel machines

The term ‘abrasive wheels’ and the requirement to be certified to change such a wheel is a reference to an old set of regulations from 1970 called ‘Abrasive Wheels Regulations’. These regulations were replaced in 1992 and incorporated into the ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)’ which themselves were updated in 1998. These regulations state that operators must be trained in the use of their work equipment and that means each item of work equipment.

There are different types of Abrasive Wheel machine and the training given will be specific to the machine being used. Employees should not be allowed to use any other type of Abrasive Wheel machine as each machine has different uses which can expose different hazards.

The different types of machine include the following:

  • Disc cutter and includes road and floor saws
  • Chop saw or tends to be used to chop steel beams, railway lines etc.
  • Angle grinder – mainly light steel
  • Pedestal grinder – For grinding and sharpening
  • Bench mounted grinder – For grinding and sharpening
  • Surface grinders – For grinding and sharpening

A course for a single machine lasts for approximately four hours with a group maximum of six employees. If there are more people to train or more machines for which training is required, the training period must be extended.

Your training course will be specific to the type of machine and will cover:

  • The legal requirements (Health and Safety, PUWER, Guidance notes)
  • Machine inspection (Electric or Petrol)
  • Correct PPE and effective use
  • Abrasive Wheel marking system
  • Mounting procedures
  • Storage and handling
  • Diamond wheels if applicable
  • Practical application ideally using scrap material

The course will conclude with a multi-choice test paper designed to evaluate the understanding of the course content and a practical appraisal to test the operators’ knowledge of machine inspection and use. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate as proof of passing the module.

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